Chicago Craft Beer Calendar, June Twenty

Ann Arbor’s beer blessings carry on to multiply. Wolverine State Brewing Co. opened its eagerly awaited brewery and taproom on November five. The brewery specializes in lagers, carving out a new market, and it offers a few of tasty ales as nicely.

Over the past yr, a lot has altered in the realm of craft craft beer Melbourne in Birmingham and Alabama. We finally received the law passed to raise the alcohol content material of our brews from 6%25 to 13.9%twenty five. This takes our options to an all new degree, permitting us to department out much additional than the macro lagers that dominated beer cabinets for so long. If you have absent to a craft beer retailer, you know alter is in the works.

Beer will never go away! This is why it actually shocks me as Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations claims that Big Beer threatened to pull ads from the Discovery Channel if they didn’t pull the new craft beer focused display Beer Masters. Is it possible that little breweries and individual brewers around the globe could really threaten the base line of Large Beer?

The lines have been drawn. Now it is up to you, the Alabama beer drinker, to be at both The J. Clyde or The Nook on Monday evening to increase a glass to the beer bar that you believe is Alabama’s very best. The winner will get that sweet keg, but they will also have the bragging legal rights (for a small whilst at least) as to getting the most support in their community. Will it end this dispute? Not most likely, but at least it will be some good fun. May the very best bar get! Prost!

Why does Big Beer have to believe that a simple show can damage its base line? Of course, little breweries brew because they want to evolve in taste and provide types that are distinctive. Individuals brew simply because it’s fun and gratifying. But, Big Australian Craft Beer will always have consumers. Big Beer may not be in a position to reach so much down in their massive pockets, but they will always have a surplus of income to cover their mansion mortgages, personal yachts and vacations gone wild.

Come join the fun at the Whole Foods Marketplace in Tamarac on 7400 East Hampden Avenue in Denver this Saturday for the 1st yearly Beer & Wine festival. Sample the fine beers and wine from all parts of Colorado and pair that with some great finish of the summer time appetizers. Lots of fun to be experienced with live music to boot. Everyone will get fresh beer pretzels, appetizers, a reusable tasting glass and a festival package. This event will benefit local Colorado farmers. Tickets available at Whole Meals Tamarac. Much more occasion info.

Availability: Saint Arnold enjoys broad distribution all through the Metroplex, so bottles and faucets are not difficult to find. Only accessible in the summer time months.

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