High Performance Boat Parts

The government’s “Cash for Clunkers” program was supposed to give the auto industry an economic boost, and increase the average fuel efficiency of the country’s vehicles. If you are looking solely at the fact that the original $1 billion for the program was used up quickly, you might come to the conclusion that the program is a success. You might also consider it a success if you feel that each vehicle traded in for a more efficient vehicle will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and improve the environment. The problem is that things don’t always seem as they appear.

Do you want me to come to your house and we can go together or do you want to just meet at the ramp? Tell him you will share all gas expenses with him which is the norm for draw tournaments or team tournaments for that matter. Of course you don’t have to pay for his truck gas if he says just meet him at the ramp. You will always need to split the cost of the boat gas!

For longer boat trips buy a small motor. You can use an electric motor or a 2.5 HP motor. Try the Sevylor 12V salt water trolling https://www.facebook.com/whatis180/ and Sevylor Rechargeable 12V Battery. If you prefer the 2.5 HP, you will need to get the optional Sevylor Motor Mount.

What I would have bought, without good direction, was a sit-inside, fiberglass, narrow bodied traditional kayak. Fortunately that’s not what I came home with. The yak board turned out to be a much more appropriate vessel for a rank amateur with a hankering for taking pictures and a knack for finding shallow, rocky shorelines.

Pushing water costs money. Getting up on plane is a fuel-saver. Distribute the weight on your boat evenly and install trim tabs if necessary. If you’ve got an outboard consider the trolling motors option of after-market hydrofoils. Try to make as few throttle adjustments as possible, and find your boat’s optimum cruising speed.

Reels salt water trolling motors Try to find a combo with a reel that has at least ball bearings. Although all reels will feel smooth at first and work just fine for a while, reels with ball bearings rather than brass or plastic bushing will stay smooth and last longer.

Boat Ramp Launch Preparation and Launch: 1st, make sure you leave early enough to get to the boat ramp at least one hour before safelight. Safelight does not equal sunrise! It is usually 30 minute to an hour before sunrise. Bass tournaments start the launch process at safelight.

Do not assume that in California there is no need to winterize a craft just because of the good climate. U.S. boat insurance carriers had five times the number of claims in California as in Alaska, Maine and Michigan combined.

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