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Next Generation Console

The PlayStation 4 is the most technically advanced of all three consoles. It is able to play in 1080p, 1080i but is not set up for the rarely used upcoming 4k resolution. The Xbox One on the other hand can’t always do 1080p but is set up for the 4k resolution. The 4k resolution is an resolution that hasn’t quite been used in TVs (due to the expense) but are used in movie theaters. As of now though the PlayStation 4 has the best graphics of all three systems (if only by a small margin). PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both have about the same amount of exclusive games as well. Nintendo overall due to its long running history has the longest list of exclusive games to its console.

The Xbox One was designed for an overall entertainment console and entertainment hub. It also has many services, such as Twitch and upload studio so that gamers can upload their gaming clips and sessions to the internet much easier. Both the Wii U and PlayStation 4 both have a lot of these applications as of now as well. All three have a number of entertainment and social media applications such as Facebook, Netflix and Hulu as well.

The Xbox One has the best motion controls of all three systems, with no peripherals needed like the other consoles. It has also been greatly improved upon over the last Kinect motion control system, with a much better video capture and voice capture system. With the new Wii U gamepad and Wiimotes the Wii U does have a unique motion control system but not quite as advanced as the Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 does have motion control and voice control similar to the Xbox One and are also developing a Virtual Reality prototype called “Project Morpheus”.