How To Change Name On Cisco Webex

How To Change Name On Cisco Webex. Beside your name on the home of webex portal, you’ll find your profile picture or initials of your full name. Under my personal room, you can change the following settings:

Webex Teams Increase the Contrast from

Under other privileges, check the personal room check box. From the mobile app 1. Navigate to your webex site.

Stay On ‘Home’ From The Navigation Menu On The Left.

Then, click on ‘my profile’ from. For help changing your background on desktop or android, see these directions. Then, go to your name on the right corner of the screen, click on the down arrow, and select ‘my reports’ from the menu.

Under Other Privileges, Check The Personal Room Check Box.

On the edit my webex profile page, enter your first name and last name as you want them to appear. Navigate to your webex site. You can change these fields to whatever you want displayed to the user when you send out a meeting to your webex personal room.

You Can't Change The Variable Cwms Uses For The Name From Cucm.

When you see your initials or. Webex teams name change and replacement cisco jabber by january 29th. Its a huge feature that is missing.

Go To Your Name On The Right Corner Of The Screen, And Hover On The Down Arrow Next To It.

Then hit on button to proceed, and final click on option.</p> The applications on windows, mac, and mobile clients all should reflect this change in the most recent updates. Modify the name and/or the email address you would like to appear during the meeting and select next.

To Edit Your Profile, Select Edit My Profile.

How do i update my display name in cisco webex app? Next, click on the “edit my profile” button. Choose “my profile” from the.

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